What Size Paper Should You Use for a Legal Document Weegy

The app itself is really good and very useful and I appreciate it very much, but in the last 3 days when I walked into the app and had to see an ad as usual, it would load for a very long time and never appear at the end no matter how long I waited. I even tried a lot of things to see what the problem was. My connection was fine and I tried to update, turn off or turn off my phone, log back in, delete and reinstall the app and unload it. But with all the effort I`ve put into making it work, it`s never been the case. So I decided to go to the website instead, and it worked perfectly, the ads were displayed and let me play them. So, the problem seemed to be the app itself, but the only thing that is annoying when I go to the website instead of the app is that it only gives me a limited number of ads that I can see to get answers in a day. I don`t know if I`m the only one with this problem, but I think that for the past few days it seems really worrying and difficult to me because I really like the app in general. Therefore, I would like to see and know if there is something I am doing wrong or something I need to do to make it work. Please and thank you for your precious time. This app is amazing! A total lifeline! I would recommend it 100% to anyone. But two questions.

First of all, when I have a notification for things, I go to my profile to look at the notifications, and every time I click on it, it seems to say something like, «Oops, something went wrong. Please try again,» but I`m updating, restarting my phone and it won`t solve it. Second, when I answer a question, sometimes I have to ask them a question first before I answer, like, what kind of calculation it is or something to clarify something, but once I answer something, I can`t answer it anymore, maybe you can do it on a computer but not on the phone, So maybe you can do it like that. that you can answer it twice. And I would like to suggest that if you click on the replies you or someone else replied to on a topic such as in their profile, the replies you or she replied to could be displayed. Thank you, and please see this! All I wanted to do was get the answer to the test questions, and you`re only allowed to have a limited number of answers, and when they`re all gone, they try to charge you for more answers, which is completely ridiculous. I understand that they have to find a way to make money, but there are so many other ways they could have done, so it`s boring and not worth it. When they advertise, they say, «Oh, sign up to see the answers, so you sign up.» then you only have about 5 answers that you can see without saying you have to pay X amount of money per month, which is completely stupid and unnecessary for me. Do not download the app, it will save you from disappointment. Apple or Google Play take this app from the App Store and replace it with a really useful app. Oh yes, not to mention, when I tried to pay for Brainly plus by entering my credit card information and everything else, when I pressed «Proceed to Checkout», it didn`t even give me Brainly Plus. I still couldn`t see the answers and tried to update and it still didn`t work.

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