Saudi Legal Practice Law

An advocate who ceases to practise the profession for more than one year must notify the Ministère de la Justice in the form to be provided for in the regulations implementing this Code. Has it made any commitments under the GATS in the area of legal services? (b) A lawyer practising as a lawyer after his or her name has been removed from the list. These forms of punishment are imposed by a competent court. (a) A person posing as a lawyer or practising as a lawyer in violation of the provisions of this Code. A person practising as a lawyer must register his or her name on the list of practising lawyers and meet the following conditions: Subject to the provisions of Article 3, paragraph (a) of these GTC, non-Saudis holding a valid license issued before the implementation of Decision No. of the Council of Ministers. 116, dated 12/7/1400 هـH, may continue to practice the profession of consultant, but only temporarily, under the following conditions: A licensed foreign lawyer must also meet the following conditions: he must work full-time in legal counsel, he must reside in the Kingdom for a period of at least 9 months per year, and he must regularly visit the office and sign all correspondence. issued by the Office for business. However, he may appoint a Saudi lawyer to perform these functions on his behalf. A Saudi lawyer and any lawyer licensed under Article 3(a) may, if necessary, be assisted in their practice by one or more non-Saudi lawyers under a contract of employment under his responsibility and supervision under the following conditions: (a) be a Saudi national. However, a non-Saudi has the right to practise as a lawyer under agreements between the Kingdom and other countries. The decision of the disciplinary council is taken after hearing the prosecution and the defence of the lawyer.

The decision shall state the reasons on which it is based. The decision and its reasons shall be read in full in camera. The Ministry of Justice shall inform the courts, the Board of Appeal and the competent authorities of this decision within fifteen days of the date of entry into force of the final decision. These decisions are recorded in a special register. In any case, disciplinary measures shall be notified by a member of the Disciplinary Board. Official notification of a copy of the decision to the lawyer concerned shall be considered an appropriate notification. If the decision has become final, whether it is the removal of the lawyer`s name or the suspension of his practice, only the decision is published at the lawyer`s expense in one or more of the documents issued at the place where the lawyer has his establishment. If there is no paper there, it is published in a newspaper at the nearest location. (c) have at least three years of practical legal experience; This period may be reduced to one year for holders of a master`s degree in Sharia or law or an equivalent degree of one of these degrees or a postgraduate degree in law for graduates of a Sharia college. This requirement does not apply to PhD holders in these fields.

This step aims to protect the legal profession, improve its standards and develop the control of professional obligations and responsibilities. Saudi Arabia has all obligations with respect to modes 1 to 3 for legal advice in the law of the jurisdiction in which the service provider is qualified as a lawyer and in international law. There is a 75% limit on foreign possession of legal advice and representation in court, which is reserved for Saudi nationals. Does that give the right to exercise throughout the country? If the lawyer`s license only allows practice at the sub-national level, please explain the boundaries of the jurisdiction They create a regulatory framework for foreign law firms and include a number of requirements that foreign offices must meet in order to obtain a license to practice the profession in the Kingdom. A lawyer practices the profession in accordance with Sharia law and applicable laws. He must refrain from any act that violates the dignity of the profession and obey the relevant rules and instructions. (3) His or her activity is limited to assisting and preparing pleadings on behalf of the licensed lawyer. It shall not represent third parties before the courts, the Board of Appeal or the committees referred to in Article 1. To practise as a lawyer, a person must be registered on the roll of practising lawyers.

To be registered, a person must: 1. have Saudi citizenship. A national of another Saudi Arabia may practise as a lawyer, subject to the provisions of agreements concluded between the Kingdom and other countries; 2. Hold a degree from a faculty of Islamic law or a bachelor`s degree in law from one of the Kingdom`s universities or equivalent, or one of these two degrees from outside the Kingdom, or hold a law degree from the Institute of Public Administration after obtaining a university degree; 3. have completed a period of study of at least 3 years or 1 year in the case of holders of a master`s degree in Islamic law or other legal specialization or equivalent; 4. Good conduct and behaviour; 5. not have been convicted of dishonesty, unless at least 5 years have elapsed since the sentence was served; 6.Be resident of the Kingdom. Licences are valid for five years. (1) A non-Saudi person practises full-time. The Department of Justice establishes a general list of the names of practising lawyers and another list of non-practising lawyers as of the date of registration.

Both lists shall contain the information provided for in the regulations implementing this Code. The Ministère de la Justice shall transfer the name of an advocate who ceases to practise for more than one year from the list of practising lawyers to the list of lawyers not practicing, subject to the restrictions provided for in the provisions implementing this Code.