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Mellett said the company did not need to raise capital, but accepted the investment after years of rejecting funding offers because it wanted the expertise of Aconex co-founders and KPMG offered its legal expertise to develop new products for its platform. Plexus Gateway enables teams to quickly manage risk and reduce external expenses while increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement. It uses the world`s most advanced legal software and systems to deliver better and more cost-effective legal advice faster through automation and self-service. Our legal software can manage the entire lifecycle of your contract from start to finish with its powerful contract management system. The Plexus increase is a legal automation company`s second this month, with Josef also raising capital from former Reinventure partner Kara Frederick. Plexus has developed software for in-house legal teams that provides them with tools to accelerate productivity, automate contract creation and manage cases. «With Plexus Engage, Axiom has an experienced team with a proven track record of growth and profitability in the Australian market,» said David McVeigh, Chief Executive Officer of Axiom. «Our shared goal is to provide legal departments with the flexibility and quality they need to drive efficiency and innovation – a priority in these challenging economic times. This acquisition is a natural extension of our current business in the APAC region, and we plan to invest heavily in this business to drive growth in Australia and adjacent geographic markets. Jasper said he sees the same opportunity for Plexus to increase productivity in the legal industry that he sees for Aconex with the construction industry. A guide for Advocates General to modernising their legal function.

MELBOURNE, Australia and NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Axiom, the world`s leading provider of on-demand lawyers, announced the acquisition of Plexus Engage, a subsidiary of Australian legal technology firm Plexus. Plexus Engage provides highly experienced and flexible lawyers to in-house legal teams to support projects or increase capacity. This acquisition advances Axiom`s long-term M&A and geographic expansion plans, enabling entry into Australia and strengthening Axiom`s presence in the APAC region, while allowing Plexus to focus on scaling its award-winning legal operating system for in-house counsel. Richard Kohinga, Managing Director of Plexus Engage, will continue to lead the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axiom and will operate as Axiom Global Australia. Terms of the transaction will not be disclosed. The technology behind Gateway can be tailored to your legal needs with intuitive legal applications. These applications can gather business facts, create perfectly customized contracts, seamlessly integrate with DocuSign to speed execution, automatically record agreements, and create a detailed audit trail for your reference and reports. By working with a legal service provider like Plexus, you can be assured that your MP is ready to implement the law with an understanding of the intricacies of an in-house legal function. Luckily, at legal service providers like Plexus Engage, you can find an on-demand service with experts ready to teach your kids or walk your dog.

At its core, Gateway`s in-house legal software is about performing simple tasks through automation. This solution allows lawyers to spend more time managing risk and bringing more value to the business, while spending less time on administration. «If we can be the legal operating system of choice for the world`s largest companies, it will be a phenomenal opportunity.» Plexus was founded in 2011 by former consultant Andrew Mellett, who believed that the traditional law firm model – expensive partnership structures that reward clients` long hours and working time – had built in inefficiencies and prevented technological change. Realizing that technology could be the «silver bullet» for the industry, he invested heavily in automation and artificial intelligence, funded by law firm Plexus. KPMG partner Jamie Levy, Plexus founder Andrew Mellett and KPMG`s Stuart Fuller have partnered to develop more legal technology solutions. Deliver faster, better and more cost-effective legal support with legal automation that gives your best lawyer access to any device in the company on the best day, 24/7. The acquisition allows Axiom to offer local legal services in Australia to its global clients and to provide access to Axiom`s services in North America, Europe and Asia to clients headquartered in Australia.