Pa Legal Knife Blade Length

The law states that it is illegal to carry a stick sword. What does the law say about other types of swords? I am a martial arts practitioner. What does the law say if I am stopped for a traffic violation and a katana is in the back seat of my car? I am allowed to carry firearms if it makes a difference. Thus… Are palm knives or carabits legal to hide or not??? Or is it an agreement «depends on where you live»? While owning a knife is not illegal, there are limits to its use. There are also limits where you can carry a knife. As mentioned earlier, an important condition for the legality of carrying a knife is its habitual legal use. It`s also worth looking at the standard presumption of law enforcement when they see someone with a knife. Any knife «whose blade is automatically exposed by a switch, push button, spring mechanism or other» is restricted. So I`m still a little confused. Based on the wording, a fixed dagger is legal to carry, while a foldable self-opening «dagger» is illegal.

It also does not specify whether it is a single edge or a double edge. As far as I`m concerned, each knife has a primary use to cut utilitarianly, the bodily injury is the secondary use of each blade, without swords, created for fighting at the back of the head. To sum up, I have a double-edged dagger with a fixed blade and a five-inch short blade. Is it an illegal weapon or a legal carrying option? I know that it is legal to possess as a knife collector, I am curious about the legality of wearing the open belt, because it is a solid blade and it cannot be refuted without a doubt that it is used for utilitarian purposes and not for intentional bodily harm. It is a kind of «automatic knife» that reveals a blade of the handle above a spring. More: A man stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a pocket knife, York Police said: «No common legitimate purpose», prosecutors must prove it. If you actually use the knife for professional tasks, it is a legitimate target, regardless of its size. Does this mean it`s illegal to wear my katana? Because I do??? According to Article 908, certain weapons have illegal status because of the intent and purpose of their possession. Specifically, the article classifies assault weapons according to their ability to «cause serious bodily harm.» Man stabbed ex-girlfriend with pocket knife, York Police say Conversely, in 2007, in Commonwealth v Alvarez, possession of a two-and-a-half-foot-long medieval battle axe with a nearly 10-inch blade was considered a weapon that had no common legal purpose.

So I was at a gun show and a guy was selling automatic knives. I said I thought they were in Pennsylvania illegally. He did not say whether you were a member of the military, a law enforcement officer or a first responder. I want to be sure that as a firefighter I can own and wear one? If so, what are the restrictions on owning it in my case? I carry a 13-inch hunting knife that I live outside of Pittsburgh. The stupidest thing I ever heard was that I can carry an open or hidden loaded pistol, but not an automatic knife. These are stupid laws that emphasize the ignorance of the Board of Directors. One day, I will leave this state and move to where there are fewer taxes and less bureaucracy. From what length does a knife become illegal to carry or in your possession (vehicle).

It should be noted that the charges against the accused Ashford arose from possession of a knife in February 1976. The case was decided before assisted opening technology (and mobile phones) became commonplace. Power-opening knives have been widely used in Pennsylvania for over a decade. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania legislature did not amend Section 908 to include specially supported opening knives. Further, it did not take legislative action to correct Ashford`s involvement if it was perceived as a misinterpretation of Section 908 or as the result of an unintentional loophole. What about a 13-inch Balisong? Would it be legal to wear that? Well, yes, I wear a full-length katana. Most of the time it is hidden, but sometimes it hangs from my garbage or on my back.