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At Orange, we strongly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion within a company to drive innovation, well-being and performance. Gender equality has been at the heart of our human resources strategy for over 15 years and is the subject of our own internal governance and policy development. For us, there is no doubt about the importance of involving people with disabilities in the economy, which is why we have an active policy on the recruitment and integration of employees with disabilities. We support long-term work-study training in France and attach particular importance to welcoming young people and supporting their careers. The Orange Apprentice Training Centre welcomes both young professionals and people wishing to retrain. Selected candidates can also benefit from training in priority professions for the Group and the world of tomorrow: Cybersecurity Engineer, Data Analyst, Customer Service Technician, Call-out Technician. As a digital services company, the skills and know-how of our employees are at the heart of our ethical, responsible and inclusive business model. We offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals in a flexible work environment that fosters true work-life balance. By working together in a culture where every voice is heard, we help individuals make a positive impact and achieve sustainable growth for our clients. Our company is a community based on collaboration, exchange of ideas and trust. We truly listen to each employee and appreciate everyone`s contributions. As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the key to a responsible digital world. Playing an active role in this collective challenge is only possible if young people are involved in a meaningful way.

That`s why we offer a variety of fulfilling trades in an innovative and dynamic work environment! The Orange Group offers you a way to grow. After 10 wonderful years at Orange, I went from Sales Representative in the Lighting category to General Manager. I recognized very early on the fit between my personality and the vision of the company. With continuous learning, unlearning and relearning, accompanied by the constant support of the management team, I have accomplished more and more. Orange is a system where you are rewarded for your performance and value. Therefore, the experience, discipline, and attributes you demonstrated in the previous role can be leveraged in future roles. Most importantly, Orange gives you the spirit of ownership. The Orange Group is a company that has not only given me the opportunity to realize my career dreams, but has also nourished me with a lot of experience in different departments. It`s a place where the best and do-it-yourself people perform best, and working with top-notch managers has helped me grow better over the years. The Orange Group is a place of hope and growth where the stars can be your limit.

Focused on creating value and achieving objectives; Clear and aligned objectives, addressing internal and external challenges and continuous improvement of the process to achieve desired results. By 2025, our goal is to have women in 35% of our leadership positions and 25% of our technical positions. We monitor these indicators closely and share them regularly in full transparency. Join our unique team of more than 29,100 employees in 65 countries where diversity is a source of inspiration, learning and development for both our company and our employees. Since 2019, 15,000 permanent employees have joined the Group, 1 in 3 of whom are under the age of 26. The customer always comes first; Offering an unparalleled customer experience throughout the customer journey, satisfying all segments and maintaining a culture of service Sandra Siméon, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Orange Business Services, supports 290 employees with disabilities. She shares her experiences and tips on how to strengthen employee inclusion and help change the way people with disabilities treat them. Deputy Director of Information Technology and Networks The objective of the program is to train and train managers for the organization from the ground up by exposing interns to all aspects of the business. Management interns are expected to rotate across all departments of the organization while working on various projects under the necessary guidance and guidance. 136,500 Group employees as of September 30, 2022 Are you a recent graduate with a BAC +5 level? The Orange Graduate Program offers courses with a high level of responsibility and an international presence.

Finally, the Orange Campus Network School offers you individual support throughout your professional life. More than just a work-from-home policy, our Hybrid Ways of Working program focuses on a truly collaborative corporate culture. We work together to have a positive impact on our customers. We trust our managers and employees to organize how and where they work to improve the individual`s quality of life and maintain team spirit while reducing our environmental footprint. The Orange Group is an equality organisation offering unlimited opportunities for active and creative minds. We are attracting some of the best hands in the industry as we continue to push boundaries. Send an email to the address below to join the team. In line with today`s changes, we are meeting these expectations and raising awareness through our communication campaign «At Orange, you can».

We value professional diversity, women`s access to leadership positions, work-life balance and an approach that is open to the international marketplace The goal is to develop high-quality individuals through hands-on training in sales strategies, customer management, product development/research, and brand management strategies. Discover exciting career paths and enrich your business and technical experiences. We can help you reach your full potential and professional ambitions in a reliable and diverse environment. It`s the perfect place to showcase your talents and collaborate with colleagues in a connected world. Do you want to make a difference? We offer many programs that can help you launch your career and become a catalyst for change, including advanced skills courses and mentorship programs. Orange gives everyone the opportunity to show their added value and improve their skills. – Paul, Residential Call Technician Develop and build an exciting and rewarding career in an environment of trust and diversity where everyone works together to make a positive impact. Aliette started her career at Orange as an intern. Today, she is CEO of Orange Business Services. Discover their story.

We care about our staff and always keep the door open for our alumni, and many of them come back. For all our friends and former colleagues who would like to reconnect with us, the door is always open.